Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Paintbrush's Revenge Recap!

The Good folks at The Prince of Soho would like to thank everyone that took time out of their day to celebrate the unveiling of Concep's art in collaboration with Old Soulz, Quady Winery, Smart Water and Catorie Catering.We had a blast and it was entirely because of you....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prince Street Style of the Day

The Prince of Soho Presents:The Paintbrush's Revenge

Come on, Come all! Once again we are unveiling another amazing artist in Mr. Concep, toasting to good times with cups filled with Quady Electra Moscato, quiching our thirst with the always refreshing Smart Water and pleasuring our taste buds through catering of Catorie catering. We will also be premiering a few DOPE Japanese brands we just picked up. There will be an insane DJ in attendance spinning and Concep will be painting live! So come through and enjoy the boutique that loves you back.